November 19, 2011

Anonymous said: Hi Ren,Great pictures... What camera do you use for most of these? I'm thinking of buying a 5D MKii or the new Fuji x100? I like the compact size of the x100 but love the high ISO of the 5D. Would you go with the more expensive 5D or do you think the x100 is a good overall camera? I want to take basic street photography and some shots of bands I go and see... Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul,

I’ve been using my Fuji X100 for the majority of my pictures lately, but I also have the original 5D. The X100 is a great second camera and perfect for carrying around everywhere, but even after two firmware upgrades it’s still awfully quirky and a bit sluggish. If you’re only going to buy and use one camera, the X100 isn’t it.

The 5D mk II is old, and the technology inside of it - specifically the autofocus system - is even older. There’s a new model on the horizon, so I would wait a bit if I were in your shoes.

I love cameras and I’m fascinated by gear, but in all honestly it doesn’t really matter what you use. Some of the most enduring photos have been taken with very modest equipment. Lenses do matter, sure, but almost every decent camera today can do an awful lot.

I’m a big fan of the micro four thirds system, so take a close look at the Olympus E-P3 or the new Panasonic GX1. Both are great little street cameras, and there are dozens of great lens options for that system. You’ll be getting the small size of the X100 along with the relative speed and versatility of a DSLR, though their sensors can’t quite match the low light performance of a full frame CMOS.

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